Frequently Asked Questions

Our Client's Most Common FAQs

  • Where can I buy Jsport products?
  • Jsport products are available exclusively through authorized Honda dealerships. If your preferred dealership is not listed in our current locations, send us an email at and we will reach out to them in efforts to get them authorized and have them provide you with a quote on the product you are interested in.
  • Are Jsport products warranty compliant?
  • Each Jsport product has been meticulously engineered and tested to ensure that no Honda warranties are voided when installed. Additionally, select Jsport products are backed by their own lifetime warranty.
  • Will driver assist features function as intended with Jsport Products installed?
  • All Honda Driver Assistance features will remain fully functional with Jsport products. No adjustment or re-calibration is required.
  • Can I purchase the Ridgeline/Pilot leveling kit as a standalone item?
  • The signature 1.5” Leveling kit for the Honda Ridgeline and Pilot can only be purchased included in a package. The reasoning behind this is simple. The geometry of the leveling kit has been specifically crafted around very particular tire measurements and as such we must ensure that every vehicle outfitted with our leveling kit is also outfitted with the appropriate tires. Our packages are backed by a lifetime warranty and have no issues with rubbing, pulling, or over stressing factory components.
  • Can I install a leveling kit taller than 1.5”?
  • During our extensive R&D processes we discovered that increasing the lift beyond 1.5” can have serious negative repercussions on the vehicle. As such we do not offer taller leveling kits, and we strongly warn against them based on the knowledge we have.
  • Are Jsport Ridgeline and Pilot packages compatible with previous generation models?
  • Each of the packages offered for the Ridgeline and Pilot platform is compatible with the current generation models only. These parts were designed specifically to fit the current generation of vehicles.
  • Are the changes to my vehicle made by Jsport products permanent?
  • Should you ever decide to remove your Jsport accessories there will be no negative effects to your vehicle. Each product offered can be installed and uninstalled without fear of damage to factory components.