Jsport Honda Ridgeline Chase Package

Although the Honda Ridgeline features the rugged workhorse dependability with its unibody construction and towing capacity of up to 5,000 lbs., its tech features such as smart entry and the multi-angle rearview camera make it a sophisticated urban dweller. It's no surprise then that it won the 2017 North American Truck of the Year.



Its slick exterior can seem to put the vehicle more at home parked in front of a city townhouse, although you know this pickup is a serious off-roader that thrives in dirt and mud. If you want to emphasize the truck's more aggressive attributes, then beef up the exterior with the following upgrades that come with the Honda Ridgeline "Chase" Package:

  • Signature Jsport 1.5” Leveling Kit: To allow the truck to traverse rough terrain more efficiently, our billet aluminum spacer lifts the body of the truck by 1.5 inches while correcting any angle deviations with end links on the sway bar. It raises the front end to 12 inches over the lowest point of the truck, adding more symmetry to the stance when viewed from the side.
  • KMC XD Wheel: Bringing race-proven style to the exterior, this wheel merges durability with multi-spoke style. This version is free of the simulated beadlock that you get with the Honda Ridgeline “PreRun” Package. One of our best selling items for good reason, this wheel looks great on any Ridgeline.
  • Rugged All-Terrain Tires: To match the increased lift of the body these tires raise an additional one-inch taller than stock all-terrains. Their deep treads are engineered to excel over rough surfaces.
  • Race-Inspired Bedside Graphics: Transform the bed from a typical road going vehicle into a sport focused standout offering. The contrasting stripes highlight forward motion while the “Jsport” logo confirms that the off-roader is no average Ridgeline.

None of these enhancements require drilling, or other attachment hardware that physically change the body or have the potential to cause damage. They attach like typical OEM components ensuring that your manufacturer's warranty remains in force. To ensure that everything is installed to the exact specification required the Honda Ridgeline "Chase" Package can be installed at your local dealer and is only available from them.


(1)   Tires and wheels require mounting, balancing, and relocating of the TPMS sensor.