Jsport Honda Ridgeline PreRun Package

The sleek and aerodynamic exterior and solid forged truck bed are two defining qualities of the Honda Ridgeline, making it suitable for everything from everyday highway commutes to utility and carrying work or sports cargo. With four doors, comfortable seating for up to five and protective driver-assist technology, this pickup encourages more civilized pursuits and backed by a manufacturer with a reputation for reliability.



 The Ridgeline truck has not only competed in such off-road challenges as the Baja 1000 and Baja 500 but has won them. Its durability and strength suit it for lively conquests both on and off road. If you'd prefer to highlight this pickup's abilities off of the pavement instead of its urban practicality, you can boost its style and capabilities with the following accessories from the Honda Ridgeline “PreRun” Package:

  • Signature Jsport 1.5” Leveling Kit: As aggressive as the Honda Ridgeline is in the dirt, its tendency to lean forward with an unattractive rake or sometimes called the “stinkbug” makes the pickup seem like it's about to bury itself into the ground. Our kit amps the forward attitude up by 1.5 inches, leveling the truck's appearance from the side. End links on the sway bar correct any unwanted angle changes.
  • KMC XD Wheel: Derived directly from the actual wheel used in the truck's storied racing history;  this long-lasting version emphasizes performance style with simulated bead lock. This wheel has been specifically engineered for the platform and is the only offering in today’s market with a true OE fitment which requires so hub ring or spacers. If you prefer styling without simulated bead locking, check out our Honda Ridgeline “Chase” Package.
  • Rugged All-Terrain Tires: The provided tires jack up their tire height by an inch over the typical factory all-terrain tires to better compliment the lifted body aesthetically and functionally. These treads furrow more deeply to grab more confidently onto uncertain surfaces.
  • Race-Inspired Bedside Graphics: A bold “Jsport” logo along the bed propels multiple horizontal stripes forward to a checkered-flag finish. The graphics kit is the perfect piece to tie in the entire Jsport package and further differentiate it from the competitive vehicles around it.


A high-quality product like the Honda Ridgeline “PreRun” Package demands the professional installation that only your Honda dealer can offer. Factory-trained techs install each component with OEM precision to avoid modifying your vehicle with unnecessary hardware. The result is that your truck remains in complete compliance with the manufacturer's warranty.


(1)   Tires and the wheels require mounting, balancing, and relocating of the TPMS sensor.